The Beginners Guide To Services (Getting Started 101)

Finding and Choosing a Reputable Lawyer

It’s not always easy to look for a good lawyer. It’s not just about reading an ad or scanning your phone book. There’s simply not enough information in these sources for you to make a sound judgment.

Seeking Personal Referrals

It’s better to ask for referrals from people in your community who may be in a similar situation as you. If you’ve been sexually harassed, for example, approach a women’s group. If you live in South Carolina, Reeves & Lyle LLC is a law firm that specializes in a number of practice areas, such as malpractice, injury, workers’ compensation, etc.

Using Online Referral Services

You can also check out online referral services, which can connect you directly to local lawyers who have the right background for your case. These services will ask you to answer a few questions, and you can just wait for your prospective lawyers to call. For example, if you’re in South Carolina, you may be connected with Reeves & Lyle LLC if your case falls under any of their 12 practice areas.

Choosing a Specialist

It can be very helpful, if not crucial, to hire a lawyer who specialize in your specific type of legal case, whether employment discrimination, restaurant licensing, zoning, and so on. All lawyers within a particular state may have studied the same laws, but it’s their experience that makes them unique. Specialists normally have higher fees, but in most cases, your cash will be well spent. But of course, not all specialists will have the same rate. So if you’re interested in Reeves & Lyle LLC, give them a call and inquire.

Talking to Prospective Lawyers

Once you’re done making your list of prospective lawyers, call each of their offices and set an appointment. The initial consultation will often be free, but make sure you come prepared. If you need notes, so be it.

Personal Chemistry

Be particular about having personal chemistry with the lawyer you choose. No matter how experienced or popular a lawyer may be, your case can still suffer just because the two don’t even like each other. After all, you’re both human. Of course, choosing someone with a reputable for being flexible, such as the Reeves & Lyle LLC team, personal rapport should not be an issue.


Before choosing a certain lawyer, make sure you know how you will be able to contact them and how long they usually take to respond to client communications. Never assume that a warm and friendly lawyer will be as available. At Reeves & Lyle LLC though, it’s always safe to expect a reasonably prompt reply.

Willingness to Help

When you’re confronted with a legal issue, you need legal enlightenment. Obviously, a lawyer is the best person who can provide it to you. But if you were to pay them hourly for legal information, you’d end up wiping out your bank account real quick. The good news is, a lot of lawyers are happy to give you a good working knowledge of your specific legal scenario so you can handle your problem at least partially on your own. If you’re thinking of representing yourself and using a lawyer only to seek advice, be sure the attorney will work with such a set-up.